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Shipping from Every where in China

Freight Forwarding Service

Shipping from Every where in China

Bansar provides the best solution and the timely feedback for all kinds of shipment from every city in China by sea, by air and by railway, and we can provide the competitive price based on the best service, meanwhile we can also provide the other best service, including customs clearance, pick up & delivery service, shipping to Amazon FBA, warehousing & Distribution, cargo insurance, container loading supervision and Express,In a Word, everything you want to ship from China, Bansar can always help.

Any Problem You Need to Ship from China, We Can Help

Bansar Will Provide You The Best Shipping solution

Sea Freight

Bansar will work with you to determine the best solution based on gross weight, size, shape and quantity of your shipping goods.

Air Freight

We will choose the most cost-effective air service for your shipping goods depending on the time schedule you need.

Railway Freight

The cost and time required to ship by railway generally lie between air and sea shipment. We have plenty of experience shipping goods by railway.

Custom Clearance

Our professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate product classification, handle all the paperwork, are always up to date with Chinese customs policy, and have a good relationship with customs officers in China.

Pick up & Delivery

For shipping goods under the Incoterm EXW and DAP, Bansar has a good relationship with many truck companies. In every truck, your goods are insured for up to RMB 200 million, so that we can provide the best service for pick up and deliver plus meet all your safety requirements.

Shipping To FBA

Bansar has vast experience in shipping goods to Amazon FBA, so we can deliver your shipment to Amazon FBA at the fastest time and competitive rate. Contact Barsar anytime when you need a logistics partner to help your next Amazon Shipment. You will get the best freight forwarding service from Bansar in China.

Warehousing & Distribution

We can provide you flexible warehousing and distribution services based on your detailed requirements in every city in China.

Cargo Insurance

We sign a general contract with a shipping insurance company every year. We provide you with insurance against all risk.

Container Loading Supervision

You do not need to worry about loading your goods in containers at your suppliers’ factory. Our team will go to the factory, confirm loading quality, and quantity of goods.

Freight Forwarding Services : The Definitive Guide

Importing from China is easy, but shipping from China may bring you a lot of issues.

You know to all process of the freight forwarding, and even customs fees in your country and in China.

This guide will teach you to be an expert on shipping from China.

Chapter 1: What is a freight forwarder