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Shipping From China

Complete Guide

Trying to get shipping service from China?

Are you facing some problems during the process of shipping from China?

Need not to worry!

Go through this guidebook to solve all shipping relevant problems in China.

Hope you will find the solution to all the glitches from this guide.


1- How Long does it Take to Shipping from China

If you want to know shipping time from China, let answer some questions:

What is your destination?

Which shipping methods you are using?

Some of the important factors matter a lot like:

  • Destination
  • Shipping Methods
  • Loading Port
  • Destination port

So, if you need to know the exact time of shipping, feel free to contact BanSar Support team.

1.1 How long does it take to ship your products from China to UK?

If you want to get exact information about the time of shipping, keep one thing in your mind loading, unloading and customs clearance time is included in this time.

You can calculate transit time from production place to your door.

Sea Freight Transit Time


Sea Freight Transit Time

Whenever you plan to transfer your cargo via sea freight service, you’ll only provide with estimated transit time (ETT).

This is not the exact time for shipping, just an idea, estimated time of departure and estimated time of arrival

When planning to transfer your products from China via sea freight, you’ll only be given an estimate.

Keep one thing in your mind, your arrival may be delayed five to ten days.

Different factors affect the shipment like:

  • Carrier
  • Loading port
  • Destination port

Never panic due to delays in your shipment.

Both ETA (Estimated time of Arrival) and ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) cannot be guaranteed by any company.

Delay up to 7 days is not a big deal.

On the time of loading, sometimes empty container is not available instantly and time consumed to complete legal formalities.

And in the same way on the time of arrival, customs clearance take a bit long time.

An important thing to know sea freight is a slow service if you choose this option, be patient and wait.

Try to place your order as early as possible after complete your plan.

But ocean freight is not recommended if you are in hurry.

Shipping from China to the United Kingdom takes time

Port of Shanghai, China to London Thamesport, United Kingdom

Shanghai to Felexistow

If you want to know the time from the port of China Shanghai to London Thamesport UK, check out the route from China to the UK.

Approximately 49 days needs to transfer a product from China to the UK.

The rough idea of the total distance is 11766nm

Shanghai to Felexistow

Port of Shanghai, China to Port of Felixstowe, United Kingdom

Have a look above route from Port of Shanghai from China to the port of Felixstowe, UK

Total distance is about 11907 nm and averagely 50 days consumed for shipping from China to the United Kingdom via this route.

There are different ports in the UK, where China transport the goods via sea freight method.

Some of the routes given below:

  • Port Of Shenzhen to Achiltibuie Harbour
  • Port Of Shenzhen to Corry, United Kingdom
  • Port Of Shenzhen to Tobermory, United Kingdom
  • Port Of Shenzhen to Abersoch Harbour, United Kingdom
  • Port Of Shenzhen to Ackergill Harbour, United Kingdom

You can check below, China imports things from Northern, Southern and Central China.

Shipping from Southern China (Guangzhou/Shenzhen) to the UK

Time consumed to transport products via sea freight is approximately but loading, unloading and clearance process is excluded from this estimate.

Averagely 7 to 14 days considered for the completion of the process. So the total transit time is normally 6 weeks.

Shipping from Central China (Shanghai/Ningbo) to the UK

On the water, your shipping time will be 26 to 31 days and another 7 or 14 days for the clearance processes in both countries. So the total transit time will be around 7 weeks.

Shipping from Northern China (Qingdao/Tianjin/Xingang) to the UK

It takes 31 to 36 days on the water and another 7 or 14 days for the processes of loading, unloading and customs clearance in both countries. So the total transit time will be around 8 weeks.

31 to 36 days are not a cup of tea, your shipping products will remain on water for these days.

3- Shanghai to Global Transit time

Transit time is the specific time period, in which you can transfer your products from one point of origin to the destination.

Some of the estimated transit time is given below:

Shanghai to West America takes 13 days via sea freight method.

Sea freight is the safe and secure way of importing from China, Shanghai to East America takes approximately 26 to 30 days.

3.1-Shanghai to Canada:

If you want to import cargo from China to Canada this not a big task.

Have a look at the following example:

china to Canada

Just note the time of departure and arrival:

shangai to canada

This shows the average arrival time from Shanghai to Canada in 21 days.

3.2-Shanghai to South America

Do you want to know in how many days products import from China to South Africa?

Approximately 20 to 30 days takes to arrive at the destination.

Different services offered by well-known companies for shipping from China to South America.

  • You can ship your products by LCL/LCL
  • You can avail full fledge services like Door to door or CY/CY
  • Air freight is the most convenient way to transfer goods
  • You are provided with a container pool managing service
  • Loading and unloading securely
  • You may provide all legal documents
  • Trekking and tracing of your product during the shipping process, you can get from different companies.
  • You can clear your customer’s duty

3.3-Shanghai to Europe

Transit time to import freight is not the exact duration, you must keep in your mind custom clearance and documentation time too.

Averagely cargo is transferred within 30 days from Shanghai port to Europe. This is all about the sea freight method to transfer on large ship containers.

3.4-Shanghai to Russia

No doubt China has the long-term relationship with Russia for import and export.

Both states transport their goods, whatever method used to transfer.

Nowadays most preferred way is The New Silk Road, another network to transfer products.

New silk road reduces transit time and makes shipping process cost-effective via train freight.

There are different ports belongs to Russia, and allowed to receive shipping products from China Shanghai port.

  • Port Magadan, Russia
  • Ust-port, Russia
  • Port of Adler, Russia
  • Port of Ambarchik, Russia
  • Port of Baltiysk, Russia
  • Port of Belomorsk, Russia

Below are some rout plans are present from Shanghai to Russia.

Port of Shanghai to Port of Belomorsk: 14467 nautical miles

Shanghaii to Russia

Approximately 4 to 5 days required to ship your cargo from the port of Shanghai to port of Vladivostok Russia.

The way without interruption.

3.5-Shanghai to Africa

Shipping time means from the loading port to destination port and all the process time of customs clearance also included

35 to 40 days consumed to import from Shanghai port China to Africa

3.6- Shanghai to East-South Asia

South Asia is not a distant destination

Just 4 to 10 days require to import different products via this route.

3.7-Shanghai to AU and NZ

Coastal sea freight transport time vary as according to different domestic ports in New Zealand.

The average time is to transfer freight 14 to 22 days.

Voluminous freight import by the sea is approximate takes same as NZ.

3.8-Port of Shanghai, China to Port of San Francisco, United States:

 Shipping from Shangai to US

You need to cover the 19745nm distance by transporting via this route.

Approximately 82 days required to arrive at the destination.

3.9-Port of Shanghai to Port of Mid-America:


The route from the port of Shanghai to the port of Mid America is also the longest way to import.

Approximately 69 days needed to arrive at the destination.

If you need to know more detailed transit time, please tell us your loading port and destination port, we will give you detailed shipping time.

3.10-Transit Time between Shanghai port and Los Angeles Port

Shanghai to Losangeles

Two giant importers China and USA, strong business relationship.

To make import and export process more convenient China and USA ports reached a very high level.

China shipping follow different ports like Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, and Los Angeles Port

Transit time is approximately 21 days

4- Shipping Cost from China

This is not possible, to sum up, all shipping cost from China.

China import to different countries in the world.

Shipping cost for all countries are changed, rates of shipping based on different factors.

Have a look at some aspects:

  • How much weight to import
  • What is the density of shipment
  • Shipping Mode
  • What is the expenditure of fuel
  • The distance between loading port and destination port

Note: This shipping cost only includes the ocean freight, do not include the destination charges and others cost.

Checkout the rates of shipping

5- Incoterms When Shipping from China

Inco…whatttttt? International Commercial Terms

Hope you don’t listen to this word ever before.

If you want to know the shipping process, then be ready to interact with this term every day in the shipping environment.

International standard codes, help to handle all cargo transferring activities from the supplier end to the importer end.

What are the other names of Shipping terms?

Trade terms, freight terms, are you aware of these incoterms?

International Commercial Terms used in international trades.

Do you find Intercoms difficult to understand?

If yes, don’t irritate!

Basically, three letters code like FOB, CIF, and EXW etc. helps to grip shipping activities.

Three letter code specifies different actions during shipping:

  • How far supplier ship the cargo
  • How much you pay to the supplier for the shipping

You can handle all the actions by small codes of intercoms.

A price quoted by a Chinese trader is always handled by an incoterm.

If you don’t know about intercoms then what happens?

If you really don’t know then you are in trouble, because you even can’t imagine how far your supplier ships your freight & charges during shipping.

Different Rules for Sea and ocean freight Transport:

  • FAS
  • FOB
  • CFR
  • CIF

 FAS (Free Alongside ship)

When the goods are alongside of vessel, seller use free alongside shipping.

Buyer is responsible for all type of damage, costs and risks to the products.

You can use this term for sea freight only.

CFR (Cost and Freight)

Seller needs to arrange the products and responsible to transfer from the loading port to the destination.

Here is a different thing, all the risk factor transferred from seller to buyer.

Now the buyer is responsible for the damage and extra charges.

The responsibility of the seller is just transferring cargo safely, this term is used only for sea freight.

FOB (Free on Board)

Do you know the way, in which supplier is responsible to deliver your products on loading port?

No, oops you are missing something really important.

You need to know, clearance of export is required for shipping.

If you want to save shipping cost when importing from China, we suggest you use FOB.

  • Provide export clearance
  • No sea freight charges
  • No port discharge charges applied.

Why FOB?

Your supplier knows better as compare to you.

Rely on your supplier for customs clearance, in this way you can save your time and money.

So, Bansar recommend you use FOB for having experienced people to ship your products marvelously.

CIF (Cost Insurance & Freight)

The term use when seller is responsible to transfer products via sea freight service.

All the cost, damage and charges belongs to seller even insurance also paid by seller.

Seller is responsible until delivering the products after that handover to the buyer.

Cost Insurance freight does not include

  1. Unloading
  2. LCL charges
  3. CSIF cost

But you may provide with export clearance free.

Sea freight charges applied but no need to pay inland transport charges

Modes of Transport

  • EXW
  • FCA
  • CPT
  • CIP
  • DAT
  • DAP
  • DDP

Some of the codes which are the mode of transfer explain below:

EXW (Ex Works)

The way, all the transportation process from China manufacturer to destination is the responsibility of the buyer.

EXW is the only production cost without shipping cost.

  • No Export clearance required
  • Sea Freight charges are not applicable
  • Port of discharge charges are not applicable
  • Inland transport is not needed

DAP (Delivered At Place)

If you want to ship your products to a specified location, use DAP incoterm.

All the risk and damage handover from seller to buyer as according to the destination already specified in documented contracts.

DDP(Delivery Duty Paid)

Shipping agreement in which all the cost, taxes and charges paid by the seller.

Loading process like the arrangement of carrier and packing in containers all belongs to the seller.

But the seller is not responsible for unloading process, buyer unloads the cargo and complete customs clearance process.

CPT (carriage paid to)

All the freight is transferred with the effort of the seller, cost of products is paid by the seller.

At the next step, when all the products transferred to the next destination, all the errands also transferred from seller to the buyer.

Shipping of freight on the named location is the duty of seller.

6- Documents Recommended when shipping from China

Documentation makes your presence legal.

Chinese distributors collect all required documents for the importing freight and provide to Chinese customs agents.

You’re advised to have your documents with you at the time of shipping and on your destination.

6.1- In China Customs, you need to show documents:

  • Customs Declaration Form
  • -Packing list
  • -Invoice
  • -Contract
  • -products classification
  • -Export permit for some special goods

If you purchased any product from China market, it might be furniture market or clothing market, and your supplier does not have the legal export permit.

Then don’t worry!

BanSar has the solution for your every trouble, so contact with confidence.

6.2- In destination customs, you need below documents: 

What important documents did you require for customs clearance?

Mostly asked the question for customs clearance.

  • Import license (if you don’t have the license, need not worry, BanSarwill help you)
  • Bill of entry
  • Bill of lading
  • Insurance certificate
  • Purchase order
  • Industrial license
  • Packing list
  • Invoice

You required to have your original documents with you at the time of clearance.

  1. Certificate of Original: Form E (FE), Form A(FA), Form F(FF)
  2. Invoice & contract authorized by embassy( you can get authorize documents within 3 weeks but BanSar provide you within 2 weeks)
  3. Fumigation certificate
  4. CIQ
  5. CTN (for Africa import)

Some other aspects are given below which are really important and you need to take care:

Issue date must be kept in mind:

If you want to track your order or want to proceed the shipment process easily you need to remember “date of boarding” of your freight.

You need to recall for another purpose too, for the payment.

Another reason to keep your date of shipping in your mind is the compliance of rules and regulations.

Description of Stock is necessary:

You need to have your merchandise description with you.

This is the exact clear document of your stock and it helps to match with the invoice.

Other legally mandatory documents are origin certificate, lists of things on the time of packing and all the papers must be attested by an authorized person.

 Weight and volume:

Weight & volume of shipping products must be accurately defined with great precision.

You can check on loading time and on unloading time.

Means weight of freight must be same at the destination as on loading time.

This makes your shipping process easy.

If your weight of the shipment is not matching with loading time in documents,

Then be ready for great inconvenience.

Payment Terms

You have your documents is a proof of paid freight or have to pay on the time of unloading on your destination.

Your documents contain other rules and regulations regarding payment gateway.

Carrier Signature

Your papers are signed by your shipping agent.

In this way duty is assigned to the merchandise, you need this document for customs clearance.

Notification for the third party to receive the consignment

This document is to notify the person on the receiving end to collect the cargo with his responsibility.

Information about Consignee

Exact information of consignee is in the documents like:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Contact information(mobile number, Email etc)
  4. Company name

You need a set of attested copies

You received 3 copies of documentation of shipping.

Same as the receiver also got the same copy and this documents proof the ownership of transported products.

7- How Much is The China import Duty


If you want to export goods from your countries to China, you need to know the China import duty.

Import or export of cargo from different countries has to face three types of taxes.

  • Value-added tax
  • Custom duties
  • Consumption duties

Value-added Tax for Imported Goods

All the products imported from China imposed by VAT (Value added tax)

Taxes are the same as in the domestic market.

Value added tax paid on the day of customs clearance.

Consumption Tax for Imported Goods

Mostly luxury products subjected to Consumption Tax like:

  • Expensive watches
  • Petroleum products- Oil & Diesel
  • High energy consumption items – Cars & motorbikes

Consumption tax should be paid within 15 days of issuance of Bill.

Custom Duties


Import and export duties included, According to China’s Tariff Implementation Plan 2013 customs duties are calculated on volume base or quantity base.

From May 1st, 2018, The VAT in China decreased from 17% to 16%.

China importing duty mainly depend on the different facts

Above things are important to confirm if import duty can be reduced or not.

Calculating Import Taxes and Duties Payable

Import taxes and duties payable can be calculated The formulae are mentioned below:

Import duties


Duty payable = DPV x Tariff rate


Duty payable = Quantity of imported goods x Amount of duty per unit

Compound formula:

Duty payable = DPV x Tariff rate + Quantity of imported goods x Amount of duty per unit

 How do I calculate the import duties?

Do you know how to estimate import duties?


Have a look and get some important things.

There’re two aspects which effects on import duty, you must pay attention to these factors.

  1. The rate of Import duty
  2. Custom value

Which product are you deciding to import is also a very important factor and HS code assigned to that specific product?

Another important factor, which is your target market.

  • Like in the United States’s custom value is FOB, the only cost of the product is included.
  • In the European Union and the United Kingdom’s Custom value is CIF, In which include product and freight cost.
  • In Canada, Australia and New Zealand’s Custom value is also FOB.

FOB (Free On Board) and CIF (Cost Freight Insurance) are incoterms, providing help to handle shipment from China.

You can check this video get basic information of B/L


How to find HS code and duty rates?

Search from internet….

Finally got what the logic is behind.

You can get 10 digit code to identify your freight.

Duty rates depend on different countries, some of the states created custom unions to deal with.

How can you reduce import duties?

No predefine way to reduce custom value.

Low custom value, low import duties, so there’re some precise strategies to follow:

  1. Avoid having customized tools, which will be the reason to increase custom value.
  2. Lower down your freight weight to avoid extra charges.
  3. Avoid buying services from buyers, use local agencies to buy lab tests and quality assurance tests.
  4. Never rely on your dealers, traders and middleman, approach directly manufacturers(buy from factory)
  5. Try to work with those agents that charge according to the fixed rate.

Do you need to pay import Duties within China?

Never trust scammers, be careful

Usually, no charges, duties, and taxes applied within the china.

Some of the dealers made up a plan and pretend the shipment is stopped by some authority.

And to proceed the process you have to pay some taxes.

This is only a scam activity, agents try to trap you because Chinese custom never demands to get any type of tax from overseas buyers.

How do you declare and pay import duties?

No need to face any trouble, go through this article and know about the different methods to pay import duties.

You have the option to use Custom broker party or your freight forwarder.

Just contact and feel free, they will provide complete help for custom clearance

That said, in many markets, you can simply download the documents and submit the paperwork yourself.

Another easy way for the generation in 2018, simply download and submit all the information required for this process by yourself.

Information required to submit is given below:

  • Importer (company name )
  • Address
  • HS code (recommended)
  • How much quantity you have to transfer
  • Total weight
  • Country or origin Name
  • Cost per piece
  • Freight cost (not recommended)
  • All support Documents

Different developed countries submit their information online.

Online submission saves you from time and money wastage.

8- Shipping Methods You can Choose When Shipping from China

  • Sea freight
  • Air Freight
  • Train Freight
  • Truck Shipping

Sea Freight


Do you know affordable shipping method with low cost?

Yes, this is Sea freight service.

Best feature:

FCL & LCL options

Low prices & large volumes


FCL/LCL shipping from China

FCL stands for full container load, your products load into one container.

Suitable type, because you purchase a large quantity and cargo cost per unit is low.


The cost-effective way from CY to CY.

CY stands for container yard.

LCL stands for less than container load.

Your products and other dealer’s products loading together from the same port and will arrive at the same destination port.


Your targeted product for your market transported from CFS to CFS.

CFS stands for container freight station

– Dry container

Standardized construction design, manufactured with aluminum and steel.

Inner size Max Loading
20ft5.9* tons
40ft11.9*2.32*2.3227 tons
40ft HQ11.9*2.32*2.6227 tons
45ft HQ13.5*2.32*2.6227 tons

B/L (Bill Of Lading)

B/L stands for Bill of lading, functions as spec checking list.

  • Shipping company
  • Export company
  • Who is the buyer
  • Which product being shipped
  • Weight & density of the product
  • Incoterms used on the products.

DO you know how important is Bill of lading?


Concentrate, Bill of lading is mandatory for shipping from China.

The door to Door shipping from Chin

If you want to choose a door to door method, must have some important things in your mind.

  • Product classification must be like real products
  • Appropriate weight
  • Reasonable quantity
  • How many pieces packed in one package
  • What is the volume of the package
  • Detail address required
  • Pre-defined quote of products

Confirm the statues on loading at the time of departure.

Upload your products has arrived.

If you fail to unload products call the freight forwarders to help you to get the warehouse.

 Air Freight

Bansar air freight

Do you want to choose the most efficient cargo shipping service?

The speedy and protected Air freight.

Terms used in Air Freight

International Chamber of Commerce proposed some incoterms to import goods.


AWB stands for Airway Bill.

Issuance of transport document by the agent according to specific conditions.


IATA stands for International Air Transport Association, handle airline activities.

Support policies and standards of the world’s airlines.

ETD stands for Estimated Time of Departure

ATD stands for Actual Time of Departure

ATA stands for Actual time of Arrival

ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival

Have a look at the below data to get a short knowledge about air freight:

Harmful products

Merchandise categorized by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Don’t you worry, authority make sure all the safety measures?

IATA helps to make freight more secure.

Weight according to dimension

  • Billable weight
  • Dimensional weight
  • Actual gross weight

Air freight

Minimum Order Quantity

If the weight is less than 100, low charges applied

Minimum order quantity is 45 kilogram.

Other options of quantity, you can get +100kg, +300Kg, +500Kg, and +1000kg

Unit Load Device

If you have bulk weight, no need to waste your time to pay more attention.

If you cross the limit of volume and weight, Unit load device detect and notify.

Carrier can demine allowable weight

ULD handle different things:

  1. Equipment conditions
  2. Departure airport handling
  3. Destination Airport Handling
  4. Flight Model
  5. Weight and volume of Cargo

Train Freight:


If you are in a hurry and Sea freight takes a long time to transport your products and you have no budget for air freight.

You can choose the cheaper and quiet efficient way of shipping, need not search anymore.

Train freight makes you comfortable within your budget and delivers your freight quickly.

Train freight is the good option but not available for every country.

Which countries support to receive cargo by Train freight service?

Have a look:

  • Asia
  • Russia
  • Europe

Some of the countries do not allow the train freight service.

  • Africa
  • America
  • Australia

This is quite interesting, to transport from china to other countries, although long distances are there..

You can check train reaches Europe from China

9- Tracking Your Goods from China

Track your goods with the container number or B/L number on the carrier website.

You can track your shipment. but keep one thing in your mind you must have your shipment number to track your cargo.

If you are not able to track your shipping, need not to worry contact freight forwarder to get latest updates.

How Can You Track Your Shipment?

Do you think tracking of a shipment is a rocket science?

If yes!!

Then check out the magical inspection of your freight.

You just need some information to make this magic happen.

  1. Container Number
  2. Document Number
  3. Booking Number
  4. Shipping lineinformation
  5. Route details (not recommended)

Your master code is container number.

Usually, we need to track your freight, if you have container number then tracking your cargo is just a cup of tea.

Air cargo Tracking

Each AWB (Air Way Bill) has its unique number.

You can track your shipment by the unique number, and to check the status where your product arrived.

The transport document, non-negotiable issued by the carrier.

Information about the shipped products

10- Shipping Route from China

Do you know China has 3 main shipping routes?

Products manufactured in China transport to the world via Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

Shipping by Countries or States

China is the country of import and export just read the below article.

Shipping to Japan

Shipping to Japan from China is not a difficult task.

There are 3 main ports in Eastern Japan:


There are 3 ports of Western Japan:

  • KOBE
  • MOJI

Different companies help to provide shipping services:

  • KMTC
  • CSCL
  • SITC
  • HMM
  • MOL
  • NYK

Shipping to America

Do you have any idea your shipping methods help to increase or decline your business?

Suitable Shipping service helps to save money and time.

There are 4 ports in Eastern America.


There are 4 ports in Western America.


Shipping to Pakistan

If you want to ship your products from china to Pakistan and you even don’t know about anything.

Read The guide How to import from Pakistan and get awareness about the shipping of freight via sea.

  1. Gawadar Port
  2. Karachi Port

China hands over 2 ships to Pakistan for maritime security.

Tips to Follow before Shipping

Note: Transit time is too long as compared to other services

  • If you need to import your products as fast as possible then air freight makes your problem solved.

Note: this is an expensive service

  • You must analyze which product is beneficial for your business.
  • Keep discussion with different freight forwarders.
  • Never bound your self with one carrier, try more than one carrier.
  • Try to contact a professional company
  • Take care of volumes and weights according to the rules and regulations.
  • Check and get discount offers.


As you have seen, Shipping from China is not a difficult task. You can make this process easier by hiring a reliable freight forwarder.

BanSar China is the recommended company, you can trust to resolve all shipping related problems.

World class level service, guaranteed quality standard.

Get in touch to resolve your problems and handle your shipping needs.

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